Direct Admin Server Management

Our DirectAdmin server management plan provides you with unlimited hours of server admin work on your Directadmin servers. The Main basic features include Directadmin server monitoring, basic server hardening, backup and restore features etc.,

DirectAdmin Server Management



DirectAdmin White Label Plan



Service Features

We monitor your server’s http, ftp and smtp services 24/7/365. If your server is down we will follow your reboot instructions. We will also analyze the cause of the server/service downtime.

When Hosting is unlimited, why limit server administration? We offer Unlimited hours of Server Administration included with your server management plan without additional costs!

Just got a new server? We will setup A to Z needs of your server and make it ready to use.

Server updates, Trouble shooting, Debugging, Compatiblity Check, etc…

We will re-build the server from the backups if your server faces any Disaster or hacks. Once its done, we will determine the root cause for the disaster.

We install and support all software that is associated with cPanel-WHM like RVSkin, RVSiteBuilder, Fantastico, Softaculous, ClamAV, Mailscanner, Ruby on Rails, ImageMagick etc..)

Usually Tickets are responded 30 to 45 Minutes.

Usually Tickets are resolved less than 4 to 5 hours

Plesk, Kernel, Apache, PHP, Mysql, Perl, Exim, FTP, etc..

We have list of several security software we install and support (Listed Below). It can be performed unlimited number of times upon request. Contact us if you have any unique requirements.

Server Security

Our server security measures adds multiple levels of protection to your cPanel server, some of them are listed below.
  • SSH hardening
  • Installing & Configuring Mod_security
  • Installing & Configuring Mod_evasive
  • Installing Anti-root kit software
  • Applying patches to server software to avoid any eventualities
  • /tmp hardening
  • Socket monitor installation & Configuration
  • Firewall/Brute Force Detection Tool installation & Configuration [APF/BFD]
  • Installing OS updates
  • Apache tweaks
  • MySQL tweaks
  • Control Panel tweaks
  • PHP security audit
  • Kernel upgrades including grsecurity
  • Exim, Qmail and Sendmail tweaks
  • Anti-spam/anti-virus software installations
  • User/Password security
  • Sysctl security and configuration

Our Expertise

Our Outsourced Server Management team has core expertise in the following areas.

General Skill Sets
  • Software Installation/Upgrades
  • Apache Tweaking
  • Third party software installations
  • Trouble shooting
  • Quick restoration after server compromises
  • Server setup
  • Server Migration and OS reload [Via Remote KVM]
  • Reporting Hardware failures in timely manner
  • Maintaining Backups
  • 24/7/365 Server Monitoring (Including Email and SMS alerts)
  • Maintaining Backups (Including remote and local)
  • OS upgrades
  • Pro-active Support
  • Server Migrations
  • Control panel upgrade and patching
  • Installing Spam Controllers
  • Installing Anti-Viruses
  • Customizing web based Applications
  • Control Panel installation and configuration
  • Kernel tweaking/up gradation [Including Grsec]
  • Installation and configuration of Linux daemons
  • Mail Server Setup for Office network.
  • Mail server and Apache Tweaks
  • DDOS Attack Mitigation
  • Tomcat Installation/Management
  • Securing /tmp /dev/shm & /var/tmp
  • Firewall installations, Tuning and maintenance