Alibaba Cloud Overview
Cloud Computing Virtualization

Alibaba Cloud Overview

In this blog, we will share the basic overview of Alibaba cloud Overview


What is ECS?


  • ECS Stands for Elastic Computing Service.
  • It’s like renting a cloud service in the Alibaba cloud.
  • ECS can easily deploy & manage when compared to physical servers.
  • It helps us to manage applications with better Stability & Security.
  • Also, it reduces the overall IT cost for business.




  • We can easily re-size the compute capacity.
  • Able to design a large-scale computing environment easier in the cloud.
  • We can launch the instances with various OS based on our requirements.




Alibaba Cloud Overview


  • Without the cloud, we need to take care of the networking layer to the application layer by own.
  • In the ECS, we can take from the OS to the Application layer as shown above.
  • With ECS, it saves lots of time and helps you to focus more on your business.




  • In Alibaba cloud, they have many DC’s. Each DC’s they have server racks. They use the virtualization technology for these racks.
  • Alibaba cloud uses XEN & KVM for virtualization.
  • This virtualization is used to provide VM’s to the customers through Elastic compute service.




Apsara Architecture


  • Apsara system is the core of the ECS system.
  • It used for a cluster management system that is developed by Alibaba cloud.
  • The virtualization technology is based on XEN & KVM and using Apsara distributed file system named Pangu for storage.
  • To manage the cluster, there are multiple components in the Apsara system.
  • Each component will provide different services. They are Cluster Management Service, Distributed File system service, Remote Procedure call service, Security Management, Distributed co-ordination service, Resource Management, Job Scheduling, and cluster monitoring.
  • On top of the Apsara system, Alibaba provides cloud service.




  • Region refers to where the cloud provider provides the cloud computing service.
  • The regions where the instances will create
  • We have to choose the region carefully to avoid latency, minimize the cost, etc..,
  • Currently, Alibaba cloud covers 19 regions around the world.




  • Zones refer to the region where the physical Datacenter resides.
  • Users can choose to host their instances in different zones for high availability.
  • Mostly, any region will have 1 to 3 availability zones in the Alibaba cloud.






Thanks for reading this blog. We hope it will be useful for you to know the basic concepts about Alibaba cloud Overview.

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