An alternative solution for cPanel on cost efficiency

An alternative solution for cPanel on cost efficiency


Cpanel is one of the most commonly used control panels, is trusted by most suppliers and especially data centers.

This is because Cpanel runs on a Linux platform quite well, the load time compared to other hosting administration parts is relatively fast. In addition, it also integrates the management agent of hosting (Reseller Hosting) called WebHostManager, often abbreviated as WHM, which can help you make the most of VPS / Dedicated Server resources (Virtual Server / Private server) and share or sell it to those who want to use hosting or another hosting agency.

Cpanel license pricing has been updated and the prices are more expensive than the current price. For customers who hosted shared servers with not many accounts could find cpanel more expensive and will be looking for an alternative solution. We at assistanz can help such customers in migrating their existing domains to other control panels which is less expensive than cpanel or to open-source panels.

Below we have outlined a list of alternative control panels, that you can use to run your hosting business or to host your own sites if you think cpanel price is more expensive;


DirectAdmin is more complex than Cpanel because as it’s configured with more secure administrative level. Those who designed DirectAdmin version have the desire to bring users with secure but sufficiently powerful hosting management software and are really useful for those who do not have too many demands in the public.

DirectAdmin may not have a lot of management tools and layout that is relatively “rich” like Cpanel, but in general, it also meets 99% of the needs of current hosting service users.


CentOS web panel

It’s a free and open-source web hosting panel. CentOS Web Panel, as its name suggests, its main requirement is a clean install of CentOS. CentOS Web Panel commonly known as CWP offers a web-based control panel that solves the cumbersome issue of CentOS server management. It is a free and open-source application and offers a wide range of options and features for server management

It comes with a great set of features. We cannot name them all, but we can make a shortlist of the most important ones. The list includes


For example, If you migrate 200 domains, then the total cost will be cheaper than cPanel. Please check the below cPanel cost calculation.

45$ for 100 accounts + 0.20$*100 =20$, Total cost is 65$ per month


DirectAdmin: unlimited domains for 29 $ per month

CentOS web panel: Free of cost

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