About Us

“Tough times don’t last; tough teams do.”

Established in 2004, AssistanZ has become one of the most preferred IT Service providers across diverse industry segments and a complete one stop shop for all your IT Needs & Solutions.AssistanZ was synonymous with Outsourced Web Hosting Support, server administration and remote support services.

Our unique approach in familiarising to changing global dynamics made us venture into the Cloud and primarily IAAS in early 2012. And since then we have grown and carved a niche for ourselves in this domain.

Here’s a bird’s eye view of our Cloud Journey

The Cloud is Exciting

With IMS pedigree backing us, AssistanZ was one of the early adopters of cloud computing. Cloud.com was a major source of inspiration while we were starting out.

The Birth of FogPanel

We found success with Grails on Spring Framework and FogPanel quickly gained popularity thanks to the oodles of useful features aboard. FogPanel was later acquired by USTGlobal, and that got us working on building yet another superior and enhanced tools

NextGen Innovators

During our initial days as a Cloud Service Provider we sensed a certain gap in Cloud Management, especially in the web hosting industry. That had us working on building a simple and comprehensive portal using PHP sporting an inbuilt chargeback module.

Transcending To CMP Agnostic Tools

A simple, flexible and holistic solution built with plenty of foresight. The New tool gives the end-users the agility to deploy non-core modules in Plug-n-Play model with a Microservices Architecture.


To Continuously contribute and Influence the transcending world’s IT infrastructure through our expertise.


We provide solutions, services and products that leverage customer’s business with cutting edge technologies and best user experience without compromise in quality and cost.


Get Involved,Take Ownership, Keep Evolving, De the Change

Management Team

Prescience and insight has been the core traits that have fortified this management team and together they have raised AssistanZ to a position of inevitable success. Each of our leaders holds deep and diverse knowledge in their area of specialization, brining so much more business values to our customers. They have set the example for the staff on delivering exemplary levels of commitment. Each member of the management board has worked towards fostering an environment of learning, motivation and the celebration of success.

Ravi Chandran P, Director – Operations

Ravi Chandran joined the team in 2004 and is the director of operations in AssistanZ. He brings to the team over a decade of experience in hosting technologies and software development. He holds masters in computer application and recognized as a Red Hat Certified Engineer. He is responsible in the administration of technical and financial operations within AssistanZ and also leads the department of training.

Jaffer Ali, Executive Director

Jaffer Ali is the director of business development and has been with the company since its inception. He is an industry expert and has been the driving force behind the strong business relationship that exists between AssistanZ and its clients. Jaffer Ali holds masters in Human resources and has over 10 years of working experience in the fields IT, webhost technologies and software consulting.

Amal Ranjith, Director – Research & Development

Amal Ranjith joins the group with a working experience of over 9 years in the areas of webhosting, Cloud computing and virtualization. Amal Ranjith is a master in computer application and is also a recognized Red Hat Certified Engineer and cisco certified architect as well. He spearheads the R&D department in AssistanZ encouraging the young minds to create customized software and manage servers that help clients perform better.

Mathar Badusha, Executive Director

Mathar Badusha is an Engineering Graduate in Computer Applications with over 9 years of experience in the fields of hosting technologies and software development. At AssistanZ, Mathar Badusha spearheads the strategic planning and execution of the company’s sales, operation and marketing efforts and ensures its overall success.

Our People

Employing outstanding professionals is simply the order of the day. Organizations around the world have come to recognize that in order to stay on top of the leader board, the workforce should possess individuals with high caliber. AssistanZ over the years has focused in training and equipping handpicked individuals with the dexterities to lead their teams forward anticipate setbacks and consistently provide stupendous service to all our clients. These individuals are chosen based on their experience, certifications received across different technologies and the level of confidence, drive, expertise, sincerity and creativity they have exuded. To find out more on some of our staffs who have achieved new highs with AssistanZ, simply scroll over their names.

Brief History