Disaster Recovery Management


Business continuity and resilience has become an important factor for the sustenance of any business. Having a disaster recovery plan in place would mean being capable to restore critical business functions. AssistanZ can help you build a disaster recovery plan with proper back up of data that will ensure more stability of business. We analyse your data requirements, consider possible incursions and develop a fool proof plan that ensures security, reliability of systems and counter risks.

We believe being prepared is half the job done. The planning process from AssistanZ should help cut down disruptions within operations and a more stable and orderly recovery of data. We recommend you have a disaster recovery plan in place, rather than having understood its importance after experiencing a disaster.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Our disaster recovery plan includes:

  • Providing a sense of security
  • Minimizing risk of delays
  • Returning to working conditions quickly
  • Guaranteeing the reliability of standby systems
  • Providing a standard for testing the plan
  • Minimizing decision-making during a disaster
  • Develop a risk assessment
  • Prepare a risk analysis and business impact analysis