Shipping Logistics

Shipping Logistics, based in India, mid-level shipping cargo company with more than 10+ branch offices all over india. They are serving for 50000+ members around the globe.


Their servers are hosted in in-house datacenter and they need to store their secondary copy of their database outside their datacenter. The top managment has decided to migrate the servers to cloud based infrastructure.

The main objective are

High Reliability
Data Security
Low Maintenance cost

Company has began to review three big cloud providers:

Amazon web services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google cloud platform.

After long discussion, Director of Infrastructure & IT Operations has decided to go with AWS as they are the current market leader.


Logistics was looking for AWS partnership team who can fulfill their requirement. They reached AssistanZ with the above scenario and looking for cost optimized solution.

AssistanZ has worked closely with shipping logistics and educate them about the Amazon web services (AWS) features and benefits for their infrastructure.

We proposed to go with Amazon Glacier as storge system for database backups. Also, the backups will be copied from on-prem datacenter to Amazon Glacier through scheduled task.

Also we proposed to mount the AWS Glacier storage system as a network drive to move the backups to cloud infrastructure seamlessly.


The cloud infrastructure will charge pay per use which reduce operational cost compare to on-premsies. Also, AWS has own all the industry standard certificates which will meet the company’s security compliance.

Why AssistanZ

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