Al Hussam Umrah, Saudi Arabia


The client is a leading Hajj & Umrah Service provider with multiple hotels across Saudi Arabia. Client has been providing services like hotel room, transport, visa and other services to agents/individual and handling the passengers of those agents when there are in Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage


The client had an era old reservation system on place, but it was lagging in adopting the frequent changes of the government policies, and not flexible enough to connect with various external system.
Tedious paper based management of reservation Request
Total Mishap in Movements of Pilgrims
Confusions and differences between Accounts and Reservation department
Accounts Easily Manipulated by Suppliers & Agents
Lack of financial & Operation Control For the Management
No Option to budget Or forecast
Schedule changes of passengers are not managed properly, which resulted in unattended passengers at Airport. This caused heavy penalty to the service provider by the law of government.

How does the CRS for USP addresses these challenges:

Assistanz spent a lot of time onsite with the client to study their existing business and practices, and came up with a web based application developed. Since the application was developed as web based and scalable over cloud, it was able to communicate with various third party systems and solves most of their problems.
All-in-one Centralised reservation system to manage the bookings of Hotels, Transport, Visa, Catering and other services.

An online portal was given to agents to make their reservations and amendments without phone calls and emails to the service provider

Real time update on passenger transport movements made the ground handling of the pilgrims with ease, and reduced the hassles in transport arrangements

Connected with Bab-ul-umrah system for pilgrim VISA submission and processing

Misappropriation of funds by staffs is reduced

Extensive Accounts Module Which provide perfect Accounts receivable and payable

Complete Control To the management over the financial & Operations.

Budget & forecasting Made easy with the easy Access to historical statistical data.



Faster communication between the agents, client and their suppliers to get the right services on time.
Now the management has a clear picture and better control over operation and fund flow.
After the implementation of this system for a few years now, Al Hussam umrah company has won the award of “Industry excellence in Umrah & Hajj Services”.