Click Server is an webhosting company based on USA, specialize in providing virtual infrastructure. More than 500000+ customer worldwide using their service. Their global branches are located in India, Germany & Japan.So far they deployed nearly 3 million server worldwide in last 5 years which includes storage, cloud and dedicated services.

Live Streaming in Cloud

Clickserver is planning to deploy live streaming infrastructure for their prestigious client to stream their live feed to their customers globally.

When they first decided to go for cloud computing they look for multiple vendors and its pretty clear that AWS has matured features than their competitors. The biggest advantage of AWS is the ability to quickly adapt to our business needs.

Company has decided to use AWS Medialive along with AWS cloudfront to stream their live event for world wide customers.

AssistanZ proposed to use AWS Mediastore to store their live event while streaming, once live stream completes, move the streaming content to S3 bucket for playback.

Clickserver IT team has approved our proposal and requested to deploy the solution in AWS as trail basis. After resolving few techinical gliches, we deploy the live production environment in AWS MediaLive successfully.

Why AssistanZ

AssistanZ is one of the fastest-growing Amazon Web Services (AWS) consulting parners, helping companies operate and innovate in the cloud. We provide vast variety of services from server migration to operational excellence. For more information,